Articles from August 2022

Congratulations to Louis Balcziak on his MS Conferral in Interdisciplinary Studies (Neuroscience)!

Louis recently graduated with an M.S. from Interdisciplinary Studies (Neuroscience). The program wishes him all the best in his future endeavors!

Congratulations to Brittany Todd!

Congrats to Brittany Todd on passing her Doctoral Comprehensive Exam yesterday! Brittany is a student in Elizabeth Newell & Alexander Bassuk's labs (Pediatrics).

Congratulations to Keland Moore!

Congrats to Keland on passing his Doctoral Comprehensive Exam! Keland is a student in Dr. James Traer's lab (Psychological & Brain Sciences).

Iowa researchers confirm brain region’s role in mind-body communication

Dan Tranel Honored as a Gold Level Impact Scholar!

The Iowa Neuroscience Institute Awards the Kwak-Ferguson Fellowship to Neuroscience Graduate Students Sam Pierson and Marco Pipoly!

Congratulations to Neuroscience Graduate Students Sam Pierson (Catherine Marcinkiewz’s lab) and Marco Pipoly (Michelle Voss & Eliot Hazeltine’s labs)! Sam and Marco won the 2022 Kwak-Ferguson fellowship award for their research regarding neurodegenerative diseases. Sam is currently working on a...