Anatomical tracing

Krystal Parker

Krystal L. Parker, PhD

Assistant Professor
My long-term goal is to understand the cerebellar contribution to cognition. In pursuit of this goal, I combine neurophysiology, pharmacology and optogenetics in animals performing cognitive tasks to dissect cerebellar neural circuitry. I study the potential for cerebellar stimulation to rescue...
Mark Blumberg

Mark S. Blumberg, PhD

F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor
Every developing animal must learn to function within the context of an ever-changing body. Typically, investigations of sensorimotor development focus on waking movements. We consider another class of behavior: Twitching movements that occur exclusively during active (or REM) sleep. Twitches are...
Matthew Potthoff

Matthew Potthoff, PhD

Associate Professor
My research program is focused on two strategically developed areas of research. The first is exploring how energy and glucose homeostasis is regulated by novel endocrine pathways. More specifically, we examine how endocrine signals in the periphery communicate with the central nervous system...

Samuel M. Young, PhD

Associate Professor
My laboratory is focused on the fundamental question– “How do synapses enable neuronal circuits to transmit a wide diversity of information?” Outcomes from our work will define the molecular principles that govern how synaptic properties drive neuronal circuit output which underpins organism...