Georgina Aldridge, MD, PhD

Georgina Aldridge, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research focus: 

Role that pathology and protein misfolding in the cortex plays in the development of changes in cortical function in neurodegenerative conditions


1334 PBDB

In patient with lewy body disease, the protein alpha-synuclein aggregates, leading to severe multi-system symptoms, including hallucinations, loss of smell, dementia, imbalance, fluctuating confusion, and anxiety/depression. The main research goal of the Aldridge Laboratory is to understand the roles that synuclein pathology and protein misfolding in the cortex play in the development of these symptoms.

Dr. Aldridge and her team use 2-photon microscopy to image neuronal structure (dendritic spines, dendrites, and axons) and function (calcium imaging) over time in living mice to evaluate how alpha-synuclein and other proteins involved in neurodegenerative conditions lead to changes in cortical function.

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