Francois M. Abboud, M.D.

  • Edith King Pearson Chair of Cardiovascular Research
Internal Medicine
Research focus: 

Neural regulation of the circulation


110 CMAB

Research interests are directed toward the neural regulation of the circulation in pathologic states such as hypertension and heart failure.
Specific studies examine the cellular and molecular mechanisms of mechanical activation of baroreceptor neurons and the role of mechanosensitive ion channels in the generation of baroreceptor nerve activity in transgenic mice. Integrated control of sympathetic activity during sleep apnea and hypertension has been the focus of studies in humans.

Dr. Abboud is Edith King Pearson Chair of Cardiovascular Research. He directs an interdisciplinary cardiovascular research training program and a Program Project Grant on Integrative Functions in Neurovascular Control, now in its 32nd year. He has been director of the Cardiovascular Research Center since 1974.

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