Kirill Nourski

Kirill Nourski

Paul Abbas
Electric stimulation of the auditory nerve, cochlear implants, adaptation and recovery in the auditory periphery, ototoxicity. Recent publications
Inyong Choi

Inyong Choi, PhD

Associate Professor
Dr. Inyong Choi studies neural mechanisms of auditory processing, specifically as it applies to how the human brain segregates a target sound from a mixture of interfering sounds, how the ability degrades in hearing-impaired listeners, and how hearing interventions recover such neural processes...

Steven H. Green, PhD

We study the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which neuronal survival and synaptogenesis are regulated by neural activity. For studies of survival, we principally use spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) in the cochlea. SGNs are dependent on their presynaptic input, the hair cells, for their survival...