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Zorrilla, Erik

Erik Zorrilla

Migraine is a condition that affects over 40 million individuals in the US and approximately 10% of the global population. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is a well-documented migraine trigger. We know this because CGRP levels are elevated in migraine, and when given CGRP, migraine patients...

Jakob Satz

Kevin Campbell
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Annie Tye

Annie E. Tye

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that contribute to psychiatric disorders, primarily those that are related to the HPA-axis. Using techniques that range from genetic analyses to behavioral assays, I hope to uncover some of the fundamental pathway aberrations that predispose people to...
Johnson, Micah

Micah Johnson

I'm broadly interested in studying the electrical mechanisms underlying migraine and other complex brain disorders using multi-site in vivo recordings and animal behavior. One of the most well known triggers of migraine is stress. Early life stress, in particular, is correlated with migraine...