Autonomic Nervous System

Francis Abboud

Francois M. Abboud, MD

Edith King Pearson Chair of Cardiovascular Research
Research interests are directed toward the neural regulation of the circulation in pathologic states such as hypertension and heart failure. Specific studies examine the cellular and molecular mechanisms of mechanical activation of baroreceptor neurons and the role of mechanosensitive ion channels...

Christopher Benson, MD

Dr. Benson's research interests include the study of ion channels involved in sensation. We have focused on a class of ion channels called Acid-sensing Ion Channels (ASICs), which play a role in responses to nociceptive, taste, and mechanical stimuli. We have discovered that ASICs are highly...
Wei, Shunguang

Shunguang Wei, PhD

Assistant Professor
My research interest is to advance our understanding of the central brain mechanisms underlying the regulation of cardiovascular function, hemodynamics, sympathetic nerve activity and neuroendocrine in cardiovascular diseases. Using a multifaceted approach including electrophysiology, molecular...