Ashby Martin

Psychological & Brain Sciences

As a first year rotating student, my career goals are largely motivated by a desire to support those who live disenfranchised lives-- whether that be by tackling large prevalent issues like hearing loss at the cellular level, working in a rare disease space to address issues that are unfamiliar to most, or working with low-SES children in real-time to study neurodevelopment across the lifespan. I have chosen rotations to suit these diverse research interests, and I hope to narrow my focus as my first year comes to a close. I see the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, at the University of Iowa, as both a way to give new cultural perspective in a field that has traditionally lacked mixed representation, and as a means to be able support my community by tackling issues that affect all walks of life neurologically.

Ashby Martin
Bolingbrook, IL
BS, Neuroscience & Behaviors, The University of Notre Dame