Rodica Curtu, PhD

Dr. Curtu's research combines methods from nonlinear dynamical systems with computer simulations and statistical methods to study the dynamics of neuronal networks induced by the properties of local network components, by the properties of the coupling, by the network topology, and by the stimulus...
Yangyang Wang

Yangyang Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor
My broad research interest lies in the area of applied dynamical systems and mathematical neuroscience. I use differential equations, geometric singular perturbation theory and computational modeling to understand how complex activity patterns are produced in neuronal systems, how they entrain input...
Zahra Aminzare

Zahra Aminzare, PhD

Assistant Professor
Dr. Aminzare is interested in employing and developing mathematical models, dynamical systems techniques, and numerical simulations to better understand the collective behavior of coupled cell networks. The main goal of this research is to study the effect of the intrinsic dynamics of network...