Amy Jongeling

Chronic pain and depression, chronic pain and sleep dysfunction, and headache. Recent publications
Donna Hammond

Donna L. Hammond, PhD

Professor, Carver Chair in Neuroscience IV
This laboratory is interested in the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neuropharmacology of the central nervous system (CNS) pathways that convey pain, as well as the bulbospinal pathways that mediate the production of analgesia. Our studies emphasize a systems-level approach in which many different...
Toshi Kitamoto

Toshihiro Kitamoto, PhD

Associate Professor
Our lab is interested in understanding the genetic basis of complex behaviors or brain functions, such as learning and memory, sleep and mood. In order to elucidate fundamental mechanisms underlying the control of these behaviors, we take advantage of the power of the Drosophila (fruit fly) genetics...