Michael V. Freedberg

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Examining the effects of reward and punishment on incidental learning


My main research interests are grounded in the field of motor skill acquisition, the role of reward in learning, the contingencies and boundaries of bimanually coordinated responses, and the neural mechanisms that subserve these processes.  Using dual-task and serial response time-like paradigms, I examine how reward, task demands, perceptual and response relatedness, as well as other variables affect one’s ability to encode and respond to information.   Additionally, I incorporate methods from cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology in order to identify the necessary neural tissue that underlies learning in humans during these paradigms.  Currently I am interested in how the basal ganglia, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex interact during motor skill learning and how they work as a network during implicit acquisition of information.

Recent publications

Post-doctoral Fellow
HJF, CNRM Neuroplasticity Project NIH
Brooklyn, NY
BA, Psychology, SUNY COL at Plattsburgh