Margaret (Maggie) Tish


I am interested in understanding the neural control of micturition. The basic spinal cord to brainstem micturition reflex stimulates urination when the bladder stretches. Most animals have continent control and can override this reflex and only void their bladder when it is safe and socially appropriate. However, this control is lost for millions of Americans, including those with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), leading to urinary incontinence. My project focuses on understanding how other brain regions connect to and influence this reflex to allow for continence and how disrupting this pathway (through lesions and NPH) causes urinary incontinence. Identifying this pathway and its role in NPH incontinence may lead to life changing treatments for these patients.


Maggie Tish
Hometown: Carlisle, IA
BS; Neuroscience & Religious Studies; University of Pittsburgh