Marco Pipoly, PhD

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Individual Differences in Cognitive Aging: The Cognitive Reserve Hypothesis in Executive Function


I am a cognitive neuroscientist whose research seeks to understand how the aging brain organizes itself in the face of decline to meet cognitive control demands. My thesis work applies network neuroscience concepts to cognitive control tasks with fMRI in order to answer questions about brain-behavior relationships. One aspect of this work seeks to understand the neural mechanisms underlying cognitive reserve, which is thought to explain why some people maintain higher levels of cognitive status despite age-related brain shrinkage. Another aspect centers on understanding how cognitive slowing in aging is associated with cognitive reserve when cognitive control task difficulty is parametrically manipulated. Together, this work hopes to contribute to our overall understanding of the biological basis of better brain aging and prolonged cognitive health.

Marco Pipoly
St. Louis, MO
BS, Psychology, University of Missouri - St. Louis