Jax Skye


Jax Skye's primary research interest lies at the intersection of time perception, spatial perception, and human consciousness. He uses neuropsychological test data in concert with structural MRI data to uncover associations between deficits in time and space perception and loci focal brain damage. Jax's work utilizes computational techniques like multivariate lesion behavior mapping, functional lesion network mapping, and white matter tractography to elucidate the impact of focal brain lesions on whole brain networks. Additionally, he uses structural equation modeling to identify latent cognitive constructs measured by neuropsychological tests of visuospatial function in a data-driven manner. Jax is committed to diversity and inclusion, which led him to begin developing a normative dataset for a neuropsychological test of visuospatial ability in a racially and ethnically diverse group of healthy adults. Taken together, his research is applicable clinically to predict long-term cognitive outcomes based on the location of a patient's brain damage while furthering the field's understanding of how brain networks support awareness of one's location in space and time.


Skye, Jax
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
BS, Neuroscience, University of Nevada- Reno