Rachel Cole

Newton, IA
BA, Neuroscience/Psychology - Knox College 2012
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Research interests: 

My main interests are in understanding the relationship between physical activity and cognitive functioning. I'd like to elucidate the mechanisms by which exercise influences neuroplasticity and how that results in observable cognitive changes. I'm particularly interested in physical activity as a both an intervention and a tool for preventing age-related cognitive decline. 

Ph.D. Advisor: 
Thesis project: 

Beneficial Contribution of Health Behaviors to Learning and Related Brain Mechanisms in Older Adults

Defense date: 
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Current position: 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine, Department of Neurology
Living in Iowa City: 

Iowa City is the perfect combination as it has dining, shopping and entertainment that you might find in a big city, accompanied by small-town Iowa friendliness. The downtown area is lively and welcoming. It is ideal for both families and students as there are multiple places to get both fro-yo and coffee. 

There are also plenty of opportunities for adventures on bike trails and recreational areas along the river. 

The University of Iowa, whose campus extends from the downtown area to the hospital and stadium on the other side of the river, offers students quality facilities, a supportive environment and a sense of collaboration that spans programs and departments. Particularly here in the Neuroscience program, I will have the opportunity to work with colleagues in physiology, biology, psychology and neurosurgery.

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