William T Talman, M.D.

William T Talman, MD
Research focus: 

Central neurotransmitters


S209 GH

Our laboratory focuses on neurotransmitters in central cardiovascular and circulatory control. One aim of our current studies is to determine how the excitatory amino acids and nitric oxide synthesized by neurons participate as possible neurotransmitters in central cardiovascular reflex signal transduction. In another study we investigate the role played by arterial baroreceptor reflexes in cerebrovascular control. Those studies focus on the role played by nitroxidergic parasympathetic nerves in cerebrovascular control and on the preganglionic central pathways that regulate those nerves. Each of these studies utilizes multidisciplinary approaches that include neuropharmacological, neurochemical, neurophysiological, and neuroanatomical methods. Currently we seek to assess the impact on transmission in central cardiovascular reflex pathways of localized altered expression of transmitter synthesis. Ultimately we seek to determine the influence of such perturbations on hypertension and on lesion size in stroke models.

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