Paul Abbas, Ph.D.

Paul  Abbas, PhD
Speech Pathology and Audiology
Research focus: 

Physiology of electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve


122B SHC


417 MRC

Our research is primarily in auditory physiology with emphasis on electrical stimulation of the ear. Studies include the application of electrophysiological measures in cochlear implant users as well as basic research on the response properties of the auditory nervous system to electrical stimulation. The electrically evoked compound action potential can be measured in both human cochlear implant users as well as experimental animals. Recordings of activity in single neurons of the auditory nerve in experimental animals are used to characterize the detailed properties of neural responses to electrial stimulation. Computer models of that process allow for generalization of those results to broader range of stimuli, different degress of neural degeneration and eventually to individual cochlear implant users.

Specific studies that are currently underway include assessment of spatial selectivity of electrial stimulation in the cochlea as well as temporal properties such as adaptation and facilitation in response to repeated stimulation.

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