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Jane S Paulsen, Ph.D.

Jane Paulsen, PhD
Research focus: 

Neural basis of cognition; preclinical deficits in dementia gene-carriers; frontal subcortical deficits, particularly Huntington's disease


305 MEB

Research in this laboratory uses tools of neuropsychology and cognitive psychology to examine behavioral correlates of brain dysfunction. Topics of current interest include subtypes of Alzheimer's disease, preclinical cognitive deficits associated with gene-carriers of Huntington's disease and clinical/imaging correlates of cognitive measures. Functional MR and PET are used to examine frontal-striatal circuitry dysfunction in these disorders.

Six University of Iowa faculty members have won the 2008 Regents Award for Faculty Excellence. Given by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, the award honors faculty members for work representing a significant contribution to excellence in public education. Each honoree will receive $1,000. This year's UI recipients are professors Peter Damiano, Pamela Geyer, William LaRue Jones, Craig Kletzing, Sheldon Kurtz and Jane Paulsen.

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