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Gen Shinozaki, M.D.

Gen Shinozaki, M.D.
Associate Professor
Research focus: 

Molecular influence of environmental factors to psychiatric conditions - PTSD, MDD


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B002 ML

The Shinozaki Laboratory aims to study the molecular influence of environmental factors such as trauma and stress on individual susceptibility to psychiatric conditions including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder (MDD) using an epigenetic/genetic approach. 

The main focus of the Shinozaki Lab is to examine epigenetic changes resulting from exposure to trauma to aid in the search for biomarkers of trauma exposure and risk for PTSD and MDD.  Since joining the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa, I have been working on several projects in psychiatric epigenetics/genetics.In area of epigenetics, one in collaboration with the Iowa City VA Medical Center(link is external) to study military sexual trauma among a large cohort of ~1,300 female and ~1,500 male military personnel/veterans and its influence on DNA methylation (DNAm), another in collaboration with our neurosurgeons at Iowa to study DNAm correlation between brain tissue and peripheral tissues, and the last one to study epigeneticinfluence of exogenous high dose glucocorticoid exposure among generally healthy dental patients in collaboration with oral surgeons at Iowa.

Our lab is also developing novel approaches to screen delirium among elderly patients, including text mining and machine learning algorithm using information from electronic medical record and development of a point-of-care electroencephalography device.


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