Jacob McGlashon

Minneapolis, MN
BS, Neuroscience, Univ of Pittsburgh
Research interests: 
My research interest focuses on the neural regulation of diverse metabolic processes, with a particular focus on serotonin neurons in the brainstem. Thus far, we have established that a particular subset of serotonin neurons are required for the maintenance of the "normal" brown adipose phenotype and function, as well as for the recruitment of beige adipose in response to cold. We hope to target this neuronal subpopulation as a therapy against metabolic syndrome, and possibly as a therapy for serotonin syndrome.
Moving forward, I hope to utilize my experience while transitioning to the production side of research, enabling innovative, global industries to increase their market by highlighting complex product advances in a straightforward manner. As is required in all focused environments, the ability to simplify in depth topics by clear communication is a vital aspect to the success of intricate companies and the marketability of their products.
Living in Iowa City: 

Iowa City is a semi - small town centralized around the University and conjoined Hospital. All of the amenities necessary are easily accessible. Iowa City holds an excellent night life and has an emphasis on local everything (coffee, food, etc..). As UIowa is a large university, there are endless activities to be had. The new rec and numerous trails satisfy your exercise and outdoor craving needs. Coming from the larger city of Pittsburgh, I would equate the cultures as both outgoing and open-minded. A more positive aspect of Iowa City over a larger city is the slower feel to the town. Graduate life can be very stressful, so the safety of the town and lack of a dense population make an already busy life easier to manage.

On a program note, the main reason I chose to attend UIowa was because of the down to earth students and the student-oriented graduate program. Many of the students are very close-knit and we try to ensure the success of everyone, regardless of future aspirations. I have certainly felt at home since at UIowa, and have no doubt the Neuroscience Program here was the right choice. 

“In my opinion the University of Iowa provides the most comprehensive neuroscience training in the country, with facilities and curriculum that provide a background in all aspects of neuroscience research and methods.”