Applications to the Neuroscience PhD Program are submitted via the Biosciences Centralized Application System. Our electronic application system streamlines the admissions process for 13 PhD training programs, including the Neuroscience PhD Program.

The electronic application system transmits your file directly to the Neuroscience Admission Committee for evaluation.

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For best consideration, please submit completed applications by January 1st, 2014.
Applications received after January 1st will be considered on a rolling basis.


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Heat map representing post-training conditioned place preference for individual mice. This image shows the average location

of mice over a period of 20 minutes. Regions of higher intensity (orange/yellow) indicate areas where a given mouse spent more

time.  –Image by Neuroscience student Shane Johnson

“I am from Taiwan, which means in addition to learning neuroscience, I also need to learn the language and culture of the United States. Iowa, especially the neuroscience program, provides me with an extremely friendly environment in which to learn. People in the program are warm, open-minded, and very willing to help me with my language questions, culture shock, homesickness, etc. In Taiwan, we say, “When you are home, you rely on your family; when you are not home, you rely on your friends. ” I made many friends in Iowa. In school, we help each other with classes and research. After school, we go out together, play sports together, and every once in a while, travel together (to nearby big cities and to conferences). Pursuing a Ph.D. degree is a long and difficult process. I am so glad that I came to Iowa for my degree because my friends and advisers here have been the always, most immediate, and most helpful support to me.”