Richard Hurtig, PhD

Speech Pathology and Audiology
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Invariant properties of human perception and information processing, with an emphasis on the underlying neural mechanisms

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(319) 335-8730
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Examination of invariant properties of human perception and information processing across visual, auditory and tactile modalities, with an emphasis on the underlying neural mechanisms. Studies include work on pattern recognition in speech perception and on the role of attention and feedback mechanisms. The lab also is working on micro-processor based assistive technologies for individuals with developmental and acquired disabilities which limit mobility and speech.

“My experience living in Iowa City has been positive. Everyone is very friendly, there is a lot of collaboration and interactions between members involved in Neuroscience research, and coursework is diverse and provides a strong foundation for cutting-edge research in the field of Neuroscience. IC is definitely a collegiate town, with many watering spots for graduate and undergraduates, coffee shops, and an extremely lively school spirit for football games. I'm never bored here, and I would recommend it to everyone!”