Research and teaching in the neurosciences at Iowa are consolidated in three partially overlapping research tracks.

Faculty members may be associated with more than one research track.

Paul Abbas, PhD

Physiology of electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve

François M Abboud, MD

Neural regulation of the circulation

Nazan Aksan, Ph.D.

Self-regulatory processes in driving safety of at-risk populations.

Michael G Anderson, PhD

Mechanisms contributing to glaucomatous neurodegeneration

Steven Anderson, PhD

Human higher cortical functions (frontal lobe)

Nancy C Andreasen, MD, PhD

Brain imaging in the major psychoses

Joseph Barrash, Ph.D.

Cognitive / Behavioral Neuroscience:  Acquired Personality Disturbances in Brain Disease

Alexander Bassuk, MD, PhD

The genetics of human neural tube defects,  The genetics of human epilepsy.

Christopher Benson, MD

Molecular mechanisms of cardiac sensation

Mark S Blumberg, PhD

One of the goals of our research is to identify the role that sleep plays in the development of the nervous system

Daniel Bonthius, MD, PhD

Neurological Birth Defects

Timothy Brennan, MD, PhD

Understanding persistent pain mechanisms

Gordon Buchanan, MD, PhD

Basic mechanisms of sleep-wake regulation, epilepsy and seizure-induced death; Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP)

C Daryl Cameron, PhD

Affective mechanisms of empathy and moral decision-making

Martin Cassell, PhD

Delineating the microcircuitry of brain systems involved in emotion

Mark W Chapleau, PhD

Neural mechanisms of cardiovascular regulation. Baroreflex function in health and disease

Kelly Cole, PhD

Control of posture and movement

Robert Cornell, PhD

Neural crest patterning in zebrafish

Michael Dailey, PhD

Development and Remodeling of Neurons and Glia in Mammalian Brain Tissues

Natalie Denburg, PhD

Prefrontal Brain Structures, Aging, and Decision-Making

Melissa C Duff, PhD

Memory, communication and social interaction

Daniel Eberl, PhD

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of hearing and auditory behavior

Carrie Figdor, PhD

Theoretical issues in neuroscience and philosophy of mind

C Andrew Frank, PhD

Homeostatic Control of Synaptic Function

John Freeman, PhD

Neurobiology of learning and memory

Bernd Fritzsch, PhD

Ear and hair cell development, regeneration, and evolution

Minnetta Gardinier, PhD

CNS myelination and oligodendroglial cell biology

Jean K Gordon, PhD

Lexical Access in Normal and Disordered Systems

Steven Green, PhD

Intracellular signaling: signal transduction for neurotrophic stimuli

Jeremy Greenlee, MD

Cortical mechanisms subserving human language and vocalization

Justin L Grobe, PhD, FAHA

Neural control of cardiovascular and metabolic function

Donna L Hammond, PhD

Neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neuropharmacology of central nervous system (CNS) pathways that convey pain; bulbospinal pathways that mediate the production of analgesia

N Charles Harata, MD, PhD

Structure and function of synapses in the mammalian central nervous system

Eliot Hazeltine, PhD

Representing and Selecting Action

William Hedgcock, PhD

Decision Neuroscience

Matthew Howard, M.D.

Neural basis of audition

Richard Hurtig, PhD

Invariant properties of human perception and information processing, with an emphasis on the underlying neural mechanisms

Alan Kim Johnson, PhD

Neuronal control of behavior, hormonal systems and the circulation.

Wayne Johnson, PhD

Molecular mechanisms of sensory signal transduction

Alan Kay, PhD

Firing dynamics of neurons in the mammalian cerebral cortex

Toshihiro Kitamoto, PhD

Genetics of complex behavior

Ryan T LaLumiere, PhD

Neurobiology of drug addiction and neurobiology of memory consolidation

Bridget Lear, PhD

Neural and genetic basis of circadian behavior

Amy Lee, PhD

Regulation of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels

Gloria Lee, PhD

Neuronal cytoskeleton, signal transduction, and neurodegenerative diseases

Michael L Lutter, MD, PhD

Neural basis of feeding and disordered eating

Vince Magnotta, PhD

Structural and functional imaging to study brain disorders

John Manak, Ph.D.

Genetic basis of epilepsy, neurodegeneration, and neurodevelopmental disorders

Bob McMurray, PhD

Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Speech Perception and Development

James O McNamara, PhD

RNA Based Therapeutics Targeting the Nervous System

Steven A Moore, MD, PhD

Muscular dystrophy and developmental neurobiology

David Moser, PhD

Vascular disease and cognition in the elderly

Nandakumar Narayanan, MD, PhD

Our mission is to map the neural circuitry of neuropsychiatric disease in order to generate new treatments for these disorders.

Peg Nopoulos, MD

Brain Structure / Function Relationships using MRI and cognitive/behavioral assessment

M Sue O'Dorisio, MD, PhD

Role of neuropeptides in development of neural crest and cerebellum

Daniel O'Leary, PhD

Human cognitive function and its neural basis; neuroimaging

Jane Paulsen, PhD

Neural basis of cognition; preclinical deficits in dementia gene-carriers; frontal subcortical deficits, particularly Huntington's disease

Stanley Perlman, MD, PhD

Localization of virus and cell-mediated immune response in mice developing demyelination after infection with mouse hepatitis virus

Robert Philibert, MD, PhD

Behavioral genetics

Andrew Pieper, MD, PhD

Discovery of new treatments for neuropsychiatric disease

Amy Poremba, PhD

Neurobiology of learning and memory; auditory system and multisensory interactions

James B Potash, MD, MPH

Genetics and epigenetics of mood disorders

Veena Prahlad, PhD

 Neuronal control of cellular stress responses

Jason J Radley, PhD

Neurobiology of stress

Kamal Rahmouni, PhD

Neurobiology of Metabolism and Cardiovascular Function

George B Richerson, MD, PhD

Sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP) and infants (SIDS), GABA mechanisms in epilepsy, Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, Control of breathing, Sleep, Serotonin, Brainstem mechanisms

Andrew F Russo, PhD

Neuronal control of gene expression

Curt D Sigmund, PhD

Neural Control of Blood Pressure Regulation

Kathleen A Sluka, PT, PhD

Somatosensory system; neuropharmacology of pain

Long-Sheng Song, MD

Local Ca2+ signaling in health and diseases

Hanna E. Stevens, M.D., Ph.D.

Psychiatry and Early Neurobiological Development

Christopher Stipp, PhD

Cell surface interaction maps and neuronal cell motility and function

Stefan Strack, PhD

Protein phosphatase 2A in neuronal signal transduction

William T Talman, MD

Central neurotransmitters

Daniel T Tranel, PhD

Neuropsychological and neuroanatomical correlates of complex human behavior

Budd A Tucker, PhD

Use of a stem cell based tissue-engineering approach to reconstruct the outer neural retina

Christopher W Turner, PhD

Auditory perception and hearing loss

Ergun Uc, MD

Driving and cognitive function in Parkinson's disease; Body composition in Parkinson's disease; Deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia; Investigational drugs in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders

Yuriy M Usachev, PhD

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of pain transmission and neurodegeneration.

Jatin Vaidya, Ph.D.

Developmental maturation and individual differences in reward processing and behavioral inhibition

Shaun P Vecera, PhD

Visual cognition

Michelle W Voss, PhD

Cognitive aging, MRI/fMRI neuroimaging, learning and memory

Edward Wasserman, PhD

Biology of learning and memory in pigeons

Joshua Weiner, PhD

Molecular Control of Synapse Formation and Synaptic Specificity

Michael J Welsh, MD

Ion channels and their abnormalities in disease

John A Wemmie, MD, PhD

Role of acid sensing ion channels in fear related behavior

Jan R Wessel, PhD

"Neural mechanisms for cognitive control and cognitive flexibility”

Virginia L Willour, PhD

Identifying genetic and epigenetic risk factors for suicidal behavior

Chun-Fang Wu, PhD

Ion channels, activity-dependent neural plasticity, and learning behavior in Drosophila

Asgar Zaheer, PhD

Inflammation and Neurodegeneration

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